What’s New At Blue Sky Lab

What’s New At Blue Sky Lab


It’s been a busy year since we announced the formation of Blue Sky Producers Lab last May. First, we’d like to apologize for not staying in touch as much as we’d like to. But this newsletter is the first step in making it up to you.

Secondly, we’d like to welcome the dozens of folks who have signed up on our website recently. We’ve hit the 400 mark for subscribers and we’re still getting more every day.

So what have we been up to? As we mentioned in the last newsletter, we have three projects that we have taken into development: The Taos Massacres TV mini-series; The Virgin Vampire Hunter feature film; and a contemporary Native American-themed TV pilot called “The Tomahawk.”

All are in various stages of development, but we hope to begin filming at least one of the projects this calendar year. In the meantime, we are attaching actors and directors and creating LLCs for each project.


Recently, we added a fifth partner to our group, entertainment lawyer Jose Jehuda Garcia. In addition to his knowledge about the business, Jose’s legal expertise brings an added dimension to what Blue Sky can offer its partners, and he will be invaluable in handling everything from completion bonds to rights agreements. You can read more about Jose on our website under “About Us.”

Just a few weeks ago, the partners presented a well-attended panel about the development process at the Albuquerque Film and Music Experience. The panel served as

an teaser

for a workshop we plan to present in the fall on all aspects of the development process. The workshop will include presentations by industry insiders, including screenwriters,


, actors, producers and film office representatives. We will release information on the workshop in the coming weeks, but we hope you’ll plan to join us.

Blue Sky also live-streamed interviews on Facebook from AFME, which attracted up to 700 viewers at one point. You can see the interviews on our Facebook page.  (???) We hope to add to our video content with podcasts and a private Blue Sky Youtube channel. Stay tuned.


We are considering several scripts for development, but we are alway looking for more. You can submit your script by registering at www.blueskyprolab.com. We will consider treatments,


and scripts, provided you have the rights. Please visit our FAQs page to find out more about what we’re looking for.

Our preference is for scripts that have received script coverage. We will, of course, read scripts that have not been analyzed, but we hope you’re sending us a top-notch version of your story — and another set of trained eyes is always helpful. Blue Sky offers script coverage. Contact us at info@blueskyprolab.com for information. However, there are plenty of other coverage services to choose from. Just get online. Also, some script contests like Script Pipeline offer basic coverage as part of their entry fee.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Blue Sky Producers Lab Team

Tony, Sean, Dan, Kenneth, Jose



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