Blue Sky takes first three projects into development

Blue Sky takes first three projects into development

It’s really happening. We’ve chosen three projects from the first batch submitted to take into development. The projects are The Tomahawk, a contemporary Native American-themed TV series by James Lujan; Virgin Vampire Hunter, horror/comedy by David Morris and Bart Koerner, and Taos Massacre, a TV mini-series based on the Taos Revolt of 1847, with producer Frank Gallegos.

We’re excited to be working with such talented folks and look forward to getting their projects into production.

We hope to have development contracts in place within a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we’ll start on script coverage and development. We’ll keep you updated as the process plays out.

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  1. Who is directing the films? (I am an actress).

    • Hi Claire,
      We just took these projects on and have not identified directors yet for two of them. That is part of the development process. We have an idea who might direct on the third project, but it’s still to early to announce. Please check back for further info.


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